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Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Saturday, May 14, 2016

CottageInteriorIt can be hard to design the interior of your home without the proper knowledge of the different types of interior design styles. There are hundreds of design styles, all with hundreds of definitions. The styles we will focus on here are contemporary, traditional, transitional, cottage, and eclectic. With a little research, you are sure to find the design style that is right for you.

Contemporary Interior Design

Modern design styles are the same as contemporary design styles. This is because contemporary is more of a here and now style. This style shows an emphasis on clean lines and form, neutral colors paired with bold pops of color, open floor plans and natural lighting.

The Classic Traditional Design

When choosing the traditional design style, the focus is all on elegance and coziness. Furniture takes a more rounded form and takes on a symmetrical arrangement in rooms. Persian-style rugs decorate the floors and heavy drapes are used as window treatments. The architecture in the room features rich moldings and strong attention to the woodwork. This classic and comfortable design style is truly beautiful.

Dreamy Cottage Style

Does the story of Snow White pop into your head when you think of cottage style? This is a very casual and personal style. The cottage style is closest to the rustic, farmhouse, coastal, country and shabby chic style. This is a style that uses modest moldings and vintage furniture pieces commonly found in thrift stores. If you're on a tight budget, then this might be the style for you as many of these pieces can be crafted by hand.

Throw Them All Together

For a decor that has a little bit of everything, try the eclectic style. This style pulls elements from different time periods and trends, throws them in a blender and creates one amazing interior design style. This interior design style is great for someone who wants a little bit of everything. However, you need to be careful as this style can go from incredible to horrible instantly if it isn't done correctly. The décor contrasts with other elements of the room, taking on a kind of uniqueness.

Contemporary Plus Traditional Equals Transitional

Put together the clean lines of contemporary interior design style with the comfort of traditional interior design, and you get what is known as the Transitional style. This style uses contemporary furniture pieces, but they are designed with dark woods and elegant colors. If you're into both the traditional and contemporary styles of design, then the right choice for you may be the transitional style.

When designing your home's interior, you want to make sure to choose something that fits your and your family's tastes. Comfort comes with style, and being comfortable in your own home is the most important thing to do. After all, it is the place you come to at the end of a long day's work, and it's the place you feel safe, so it should also be the place you love.

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