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Decorating Your Small Home

Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SmallLivingRoomWhen you live in a small home, it can sometimes be difficult to find an interior design style that fits both your design and personality needs. Storage, furniture, color schemes, and lighting are all factors in making your small home either spacious or crowded.


When the place you call home is on the small side, the littlest detail can make a room appear larger. For example, the use of light colors can make a room feel larger while darker colors can make it feel small. You can also double the size of a room by adding large mirrors to a wall. Mirrors give the illusion of more space for an easy room upgrade.

When it comes to the size of furniture and accessories, choose wisely, it can alter the illusion of space. You can make a room look like it has high ceilings by hanging drapes as close as you can to the molding. Extending the curtain rods on either side of the windows by about four inches won't just allow lots of natural light into the room, but it will also make the window look wider. Remodeling your home to add a look of space isn't necessary, simply adjusting your décor can work wonders.


The size of your furniture is essential in maximizing space. Small side tables can take the place of a coffee table, which can eat up necessary space. When it comes to furnishings, you need to make every inch count.

Think about using retro appliances. Not only are they smaller, but they have a timeless decorative charm about them. Adding built-in seating such as window seats in the kitchen and you can rid yourself of unused chairs. In order to eliminate the necessity for side tables, try using lighting other than table lamps. Wall mounted lighting, that is painted the same color as the wall, can give a seamless effect without compromising space. Furniture with multiple purposes is not only great for space but can maximize storage as many styles of ottomans feature a removable top for internal storage.


The storage possibilities are endless if you get creative and think outside the box. Use the space under the bed as storage by making or purchasing drawers on wheels, or cute containers to store blankets, shoes, and even out-of-season clothing, such as coats and sweaters. There are many beds that come equipped with drawers under them for storage.

Mount a shelf above the kitchen counters to store cooking supplies off the counter, but still in easy reach. If you are short on closet space in any room, use curtains to create a makeshift closet. Space under the stairs is a great option for storage.

You shouldn't allow the size of your home to stop you from having a designed interior of dreams. Anything is possible with the use of a little imagination and creativity. You only need to know where to look when it comes seeing the space in your home that you never knew you had.

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