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3 Things Everyone Planning on Buying a Log Cabin Should Know

Published By: Lisa Fuller  -  Friday, March 4, 2016

LogCabinWoodsMany people love log cabins, but not too many are brave enough to live in one. If you plan to own one of these homes, there are three big things that you need to take into consideration. Although owning a log cabin is a great investment, you could easily end up ruining that investment if you don't truly understand the responsibilities that come along with ownership.


The design of your log cabin will affect how much maintenance is going to be required for your home's exterior over time. Planning your design around low-cost materials, while ensuring that you have adequate living space, is best. Doing so is going to lower your maintenance costs. Designing wraparound porches will help to lower the home's exposure to rain and sunlight, which can improve the life of the wood in return and will also lower maintenance costs. Consider extending the overhang of the roof if you don't have a wraparound porch in your design plans. This is something that will reduce both energy costs and water damage.


Where you put your cabin will also affect not only maintenance but also your comfort. Log cabins are amazing, but the ones that are built the traditional way don't have good insulation. This means that you'll be cold in the winter and hot in the summer without a conventional cooling or heating system. Wood may be a natural sound insulator, but it just isn't good at insulating when it comes to the elements. The maintenance costs and living costs of a home can be greatly affected by location.


When it comes to owning a log cabin, maintenance plays a major role. You can quickly end up facing a mountain of problems and wasting your investment if you don't properly maintain your cabin. Wash the exterior of your home once a year with a soft bristle brush, hose, and the kind of soap recommended by either your home's manufacturer or the manufacturer of the stain and sealer used on the outside of the home. While you wash, you need to check for chipping or peeling in the stain and sealer. If you find this, then it is time for the home to be resealed and stained. The logs will shrink with time, and this will require you to caulk between them in order to keep out the elements and spiders and insects as well. If you don't feel comfortable doing the maintenance yourself and decide to hire someone, always make sure they have experience in maintaining log cabins.

The prestigious look and aesthetic appeal of a log cabin is perfect for anyone looking for a greener way of living without having to lose out on the comforts and luxuries of a traditional home. You can't go wrong when choosing to live a natural lifestyle; and though this is something that can take some adjustment, it's definitely worth it in the end.

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